Alexa [ I miss u but I hate U..!! :P ]

This post is all about my story on blogging and traffic gaining. Finding and searching for info on how to boost my blog's traffic...quite a hardwork...Promoting this blog seems shameful seeing the fact that the contents are none worth reading. However I feel, The only reason i keep on this activity is not juzz about traffic and ranking. Blogging is one of my hobby or interest. Why ??? Of course cuz i can find and take part in a unique world where millions ( at least not a small number...hahaa... ) of people from around the globe build unique relationship and interaction. This is interesting, right.

In other way, I also think of how to improve my blog such away that it worths more than juzz an expression of my blogging interest...confused with my words...lorr ?? me too...I mean, I want that I can make more of blogging...that' u You should've got it....Inviting as many people as possible to visit is one to do. But how...?? Im juzz a blind new kid on this blogging block.
First is trying to join in membership to blog directory service. I found one great...Blog With zero knowledge on a lost sad. Navigate here and there, Click this and that. Not knowing what for i was there. Soon later, I finally got more and more familiar with it. Broadening my activity make up my visitor list...Not merely local visitor. Bloggers from other countries began to list in.
After checking out my alexa rank manytimes, it finally read and begin to rank me...i mean my blog. A bit of excitement lorr...My first rank was on the top 13 million. Huhuu...not worth any pride actually. But to my self, this means much. This is the first in history [ wew...what r u talkin' bout lorr..?? ]. Another ranking is from This site is a directory of blogs with members spread worldwide. Quite a big heh..? That's why I joined. Getting to know with many people from around the world, take part in discussions and posting comment on topics being discussed made our presence wider and allow many more people to know us as well. Farther, also try to be starter for a new topic in discussion.
Gain better rank, that's what next. After being indexed by alexa, the next is to increase it. Learnt a lot from more experienced blogger, i take some into try. Doing more blogwalking is my best. It's simply b'cuz i juz need to click and leave a chit-chat on other blog and they will mostly make a reciprocal visit. Good for trraffic boosting up. I proved it my self. My traffic turn from top 13 millions to 10 million. Then to 8 million. All changed upwards in a relatively short time. Shorter than the time i've taken awaiting for my blog to get in alexa database. Last night was a great moment of happiness ever in my blogging story. Know alexa reached up to top 5 millions position. That's true. But juzz for a moment. I don't know what happened to alexa. It must have been an error. I had bear my self when i refresh my page after 15 minutes and it turned back to previous position. I HATE U ALEXA. BUT I MISS THE MOMENT WHEN MY RANK STEPPED UP BETTER AND BETTER.....

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IHSAN on Wednesday, 18 March, 2009 said...

semangat bro

keep posting and blogwalking

oh ya coba cek ke (klik widgetnya), kan hasilnya 5 jutaan. nah setelah itu ambil ulang widget alexa yang baru dari sana (webmaster's corner), biasanya yang baru diambil itulah yang lebih valid.
atau klo mau dowload dan install alexa toolbar, biasanya memang terlihat lebih duluan yang ada di dan di toolbarnya dari pada widget yang ada di blog kita


Chopper on Wednesday, 18 March, 2009 said...

thanks for sharing with us 0_0

rhin said...

ganbatte!! tuh udah balik ranknya ^^

:)) ;)) ;;) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( :X =(( :-o :-/ :-* :| 8-} :)] ~x( :-t b-( :-L x( =))

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